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Curtains call for Ellesmere Port Teens go 'Up in Lights.'

Theatre is stereotypically for a certain group of people in society, however, at Ellesmere Port Catholic High School, we aim to change this stereotype so that everyone can enjoy the theatre. As a result of this, Year 12 Drama students – Conal, Callum, Hannah and Maria - at Ellesmere Port Catholic High School created ‘Up in Lights’ 

Theatre Company. Their aspiration? To create performances that requires skill, ambition and enthusiasm, in the hope of one day having their name… ‘Up in Lights.’


‘Up in Lights’ not only affects the higher year groups but also the lower year groups. Many students from EPCHS are inspired by the theatre company. Many students believe that this is a great achievement by the sixth formers due to the fact that it inspires the Year 7 students and shows them how to bring the community together as well as giving the lower years something to aspire to; it therefore creates ambition and aspirations. At EPCHS the sixth formers run – under the theatre company – a year 7 drama club. Many pupils enjoy this as they develop new skills and feel inspired to achieve greater things inside and outside of drama. One of the pupils stated “It’s an amazing thing to do and I’m sure it will be a huge success.”

A local business owner, Dawn Corcoran praised the drama students for their hard work, “It is bringing our community together by highlighting new opportunities for the younger generations.” A parent of an EPCHS student stated “I feel connected to the school and I feel that the EPCHS community is growing stronger because of the work that Drama has done!”

Not only has the company had a great impact of the students of EPCHS but also the staff. The head teacher believes that what the theatre company is doing is “absolutely amazing” and she will definitely be attending their performance of Richard III at Whitby Hall in May. 

As well as this, it gives pride and joy to the staff of the school due to the fact that it makes them proud to see many of their students developing their skills and talents not only in, but also outside of school. EPCH’S head of drama said “Our students have developed over the years and they are still on the road of progress and learning.”

The head of Drama also continued to stay “they have developed through the years to a standard which brings pride and joy to the hearts of the community.” The sixth formers aspire to change the stereotype of teenagers in the community. They aim to change the perspective that people have on theatre, as well as bringing their school community together.


The theatre company has had a giant impact inside and outside of the school community. Their performance of Richard III is being performed in a local theatre, therefore opening up the opportunity for a wider audience. ‘Up In Lights’ will continue to perform regularly and look forward to changing the world perspective of Drama and Theatre! 


“They are working together for a happy, cohesive community”

Mrs. Vile

Rehearsal photos from the ‘Up in Lights’ Facebook page.


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