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Regular communication is made by sending home letters and notices about our many and varied activities.

Occasionally, to ensure that particularly important information is received, we will ask for a tear-off slip to be returned.

You can find all the letters we send home to parents below.

Letters sent home to Parents

Letter TitleTermRelevant To
Parents Evening
December 2017 Year 12 & 13 Parents/Guardians
PTA Christmas Fair November 2017 All Parents/Guardians
GCSE English Literature Exams
November 2017 All Year 10 Perents/Guardians
PTA Meeting
November 2017 All Parents/Guardians
Careers Fair
November 2017 Year 10, 11, 12 & 13 Parents/Guardians
E-Learning Centre
October 2017 All Parents/Guardians
Staged Approach to Behaviour October 2017 All Parents/Guardians
Year 11 Financial Letter
October 2017 Year 11 Parents/Guardians
The Tassomai Learning Program September 2017 Year 11 Parents/Guardians
The Tassomai Learning Program PDF
September 2017 Year 11 Parents/Guardians
Student Finace Talk
September 2017 Year 12 & 13 Parents/Guardians
Attendance Line
September 2017 All Parents/Guardians
Car Park Access
September 2017 All Parents/Guardians
CWAC Unauthorised Leave of Absence Fixed Penalty letter September 2017 All Parents/Guardians
Cathedral mass June 2017 All Parents/Guardians
ECDL Change
June 2017 Year 9 & 10 Parents/Guardians
Supreme Court Ruling May 2017 All Parents/Guardians
Fair Funding For All Schools March 2017 All Parents/Guardians
Letter to MPs March 2017 All Parents/Guardians
Funding Formula March 2017 All Parents/Guardians
100 Club Invitation Letter September 2016 All Parents/Guardians
Term-Time Leave of Absence Form 2016 September 2016  All Parents /Guardians
Letter to Parents - Term-Time Leave of Absence September 2016 All Parents /Guardians
Operation Encompass Winter 2015-16 All Parents/Guardians
Late Gate - Continuation Winter 2015-16 All Parents/Guardians
Late Gate Winter 2015-16 All Parents/Guardians
Student Services info for Parents Summer 2015 All Parents/Guardians

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