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Dale Bassett, AQA's Head of Public Policy, considers the questions that people are asking and talks through the main changes.


Dale Bassett said:

"Teachers are dealing with a huge amount of change to qualifications. We felt that that this video would provide some important information at a time when schools are trying to make sense of major reforms."

The video tackles issues like:

  • What will be the new C grade and where will top students be placed in the new system of 9-1?
  • How will the first cohort of students be affected in 2017?
  • Will people be able to make a straight comparison between A*-G and the new system?

" We hope that teachers and parents will find the video helpful."

Update: 12 September 2014

Following the outcome of Ofqual’s consultation on the new GCSE grades we’d like to provide an update to the detail contained in this video:

  • The new grade 9 will actually be set as the top fifth of the current A grade (in the video we suggested it might be to top half of A*s). 
  • New grades 1-3 will span the current range of D-G – therefore meaning that every student who would have been graded currently will be graded in the future (in the video we suggested that a grade 1 might span both F and G grades). 

We hope this video still provides useful clarity for you – especially around the grade 4 and 7 marker points of C and A respectively.

You can download Ofqual’s chart showing this grade mapping between the new and current grades

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