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We expect all our students to have very high professional standards and uniform is no exception to this. Sixth Form is about preparing our students for the world of work and so it is important that all students have high standards of personal appearance.

Female Dress Code

  • Tailored black skirts fitted to the waist, just above or below the knee
  • Full length black trousers fitted to the waist
  • Single breasted black jacket
  • White or pink blouse
  • Flat black shoes
  • Black or dark- navy coloured tights with skirts or black socks. Fashion patterned tights are not permitted.
  • no denim, 'hoodies' or jackets with large logos are Dark outside coat permitted. Outside coats should not be worn inside school.
  • Discreet jewellery, which may include a necklace, bracelet, watch, ring and one pair of stud earrings through the ear lobe
  • Discreet use of make-up
  • Hair should be tidy with appropriate styles and one natural colour
  • No visible tattoos are permitted

Male Dress Code

  • Full length black trousers fitted to the waist
  • White shirt tucked into trousers
  • Sixth Form tie navy blue or maroon with the school crest
  • Single breasted black jacket or blazer
  • Flat black shoes — no trainers, pumps or working boots
  • Black outside coat — no denim jackets, 'hoodies' or jackets with logos permitted Discreet Jewellery
  • Appropriate hair style which includes natural hair colour and hair length no shorter than a number 3
  • No visible tattoos are permitted


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